California Wetlands Information System

U.S. EPA State/Tribal Wetland
Development Grant-Fiscal Year 1992

FY 1992 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

State Agency
Application Title
Project Summary
California Resources Agency Assessment of Wetland Inventories in California and Potential Watershed Planning Demonstration Projects The Resources Agency will undertake a survey and assessment of existing efforts to inventory wetlands in California. This inventory and assessment will be used in the development of the California Wetlands Conservation Plan currently underway. In addition, the Resources Agency will conduct an assessment of the potential demonstration projects for watershed planning in five regions of the State. The assessment will focus on different wetland types that involve multiple governmental jurisdictions and diverse private interests.
State Coastal Conservancy Multi-Objective River Corridor Management Plan for the San Luis and Otay Rivers The Coastal Conservancy will work cooperatively with the County of San Diego to develop a multi-objective river corridor management plans for the San Luis Rey River and the Otay River. An overall environmental analysis of the focused planning area for the Otay River will be done and will provide information needed to select one of four possible orientations for the development of a park as a major open space corridor. In addition, the county will work with the State of California and The Coastal Conservancy to develop the multi-objective river corridor management plan for the Otay River Valley focused planning area. This will be for a pioneering effort to use a geographical, biodiversity-oriented perspective for wetlands preservation in San Diego County in combination with regional park planning. The project will also incorporate existing information on the San Luis Rey River natural and cultural resources into a comprehensive plan for management of the San Luis Rey River Watershed
California State Water Resources Control Board Water Quality Protection and Enhancement Strategy for California The State Board will begin new activities, strengthen existing planning and regulatory activities, and initiate regional pilot wetlands protection and enhancement projects tied to a statewide wetlands quality protection strategy. This includes revision of the statewide water quality control plans to include elements of 401 certification developed under FY91 State wetland grant funding for one Regional Board to amend its basin plan with statewide planning language and regional information gathered for area wetlands. The State Board will also develop administrative procedures which will apply statewide for coordinating wetlands protection steps with the Section 404 program. The State Board will provide training to State staff in wetlands regulatory administration. The State Board will provide funding for three Regional Boards to develop regional wetlands watershed pilot programs.

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