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FY 2000 Funding for California's State Wetlands Grant Applications

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Project Summary
Contra Costa County Community Development Biological Resource and Wetlands Conservation Plan for East Co. This project is part of a multi-agency effort to develop a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) and Natural Community Conservation Plan (NCCP). Although wetlands have not typically been included in development of HCP/NCCP, this application and grant award will help improve planning and conservation of wetlands and endangered species habitats.
Lake County Public Works Clear Lake Wetlands Planning Partnership This project would implement strategies to protect and restore wetlands in the Clear Lake Basin. The objectives of this project are to: 1) identify and map priority wetlands, 2) revise County Wetland policies 3) develop a model wetlands site management plan and 4) provide background resource and open space information to assist in establishing a State Conservancy for Clear lake. This project also seeks to enhance information and communication about wetland resources and issues and provides opportunities for collaboration among and between County agencies, tribes, CRMP groups, and Lake County Land Trust. The project also seeks to continue to improve coordination with State and Federal resource agencies.
Regional Water Control Board #9 Completion of the HGM Guidebook for the Santa Margarita Watershed The purpose of this grant to San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board is to complete the guidebook to hydrogeomorphic (HGM) functional assessment of riverine waters/wetlands in the Santa Margarita River Watershed, San Diego and Riverside Counties, California. Draft HGM models, protocol, and supporting documentation for riverine waters/wetlands in this watershed have been prepared. The key project objectives will be to revise the draft HGM models based on input from the 1997 peer review workshop, collect additional data from reference sites, calibrate the functional indices, field test the revised models, obtain second peer-review, and prepare an Operational Draft Guidebook in a format suitable for publication.
East Merced RCD East Merced Vernal Pool Grassland Project The project will build upon the successful ongoing work of the East Merced Resource Conservation District's Vernal Pool Program and will actively coordinate with many public and private stakeholder groups including ranchers, farmers, developers, citizens, and conservationists. The efforts funded under this grant will support the long term protection, enhancement, and management of vernal pool grasslands in Merced County. These efforts will include producing essential conservation, scientific, and public outreach information required for regional conservation planning and open space preservation in Merced County.
Santa Barbara County Flood Control Hydrogeomorphic Assessment of Riverine Wetland Ecosystem, and 3 Demonstration Projects Santa Barbara County will initiate and carry out a program that will allow (a) development of a draft Guidebook for reference-based assessment of riverine wetland functions in southern Santa Barbara County, and (b) use of the assessment and reference tools offered in the Guidebook developed in step 'a' above to identify, prioritize, design, implement, and monitor the success of three demonstration restoration projects on south coast creeks
ABAG (JARPA) JARPA Permit Center The objective of the project is to improve the environmental quality of wetlands and other aquatic environments by improving the aquatic permitting process. The JARPA Permit Center will work with applicants using the Joint Aquatic Resources Permit Application to better inform them about the wetlands permitting process. This project is one action called for in the San Francisco Estuary Projects CCMP.
State Coastal Conservancy Ormond Beach Wetlands Restoration Planning The California Coastal Conservancy will initiate and carry out a program that will allow for (a) an assessment of wetland conditions in Ormond Beach (Ventura County), and (b) develop a restoration plan.
Santa Clara County Palassou Ridge Wetlands Management The objective of the project is to improve the environmental quality of wetlands and other connected habitats in the Palassou Ridge area by developing a comprehensive resource management plan. The Resource Management Plan will include the following components: Wetlands, Species at Risk and Public Education. It will also incorporate the design, permitting and implementation of a pilot restoration project in the study area.
Sierra Valley RCD Sierra Valley Coordinated Resource Management Plan (SVCRMP) Development The project is to develop a Coordinated Resources Management Plan with the goal of this Plan being to maintain, protect, and improve the water quality and quantity in the Sierra Valley.
Sacramento County Community Development Southern Sacramento County Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) The goals of the South Sacramento County Habitat Conservation plan are: 1) to ensure long-term viability of habitat to aide and enhance recovery of wildlife species; 2) to accommodate development of appropriate sites with fair and reasonable mitigation; 3) to protect agricultural lands and operations from constraints associated with the HCP; 4) to gain the trust of stakeholders; 5) to rely on voluntary participation; 6) to provide a streamlined permitting process that reduces costs to developers and taxpayers; and 7) to provide a framework for linking habitat conservation with local land use programs.
United Indian Health Services Wetlands Education & Enhancement Pilot Project The objectives of the Wetland Education and Enhancement Piolot Project are: - Develop a visitor program for the wetlands located on the 20-acre conservation easement; - Develop a comprehensive education and interpretive wetlands program featuring 1.5 miles of ADA accessible trails and four interpretive signs around the 5-acre wetland; - Purchase wetland species for remedial planting in the Wetlands; - Develop flora and fauna monitoring program for the restored wetland habitat; - Extend wetland education and restoration techniques to local tribal governments.



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