California State Coastal Conservancy

Mission Statement

The California State Coastal Conservancy (Conservancy) is an independent state agency that works through non-regulatory means to protect, restore, and enhance coastal resources, including wetlands.

Major Roles and Responsibilities in Wetlands Management

The Conservancy works in partnership with public agencies, nonprofit organizations, community groups, landowners, and business interests in resolving land use conflicts, developing restoration and enhancement plans for coastal and San Francisco Bay wetlands and watersheds, and implementing these plans, including land acquisition. It cooperates closely with the California Coastal Commission in implementing projects around San Francisco Bay. The Conservancy also undertakes enhancement or restoration projects directly, or provides funding and technical assistance to local agencies or nonprofit organizations.

Legal Mandates

The Conservancy is authorized to act within the geographic areas described in section 31006 of the California Public Resources Code and as specifically allowed in subsequent sections of Division 21. With some exceptions, Conservancy projects are all within the "coastal zone" (see below) or around San Francisco Bay. For purposes of resource enhancement, the Conservancy may also undertake projects in coastal watersheds, which may extend inland of the coastal zone. (The "coastal zone" is the area of California's land and water from the Oregon border to the border of the Republic of Mexico and extending seaward to the State's outer limit of jurisdiction and extending inland generally a 1,000 yards from the mean high tide line.)

For more information on the California State Coastal Conservancy contact:

Sam Schuchat, Executive Officer (510)286-4185,
Steve Horn, Deputy Executive Officer (510)286-4182,
Neal Fishman, San Francisco Bay (510)286-4175,
Melanie Denninger, South Coast (510)286-4183,

Mailing address:
1330 Broadway Street, Suite 1100
Oakland, CA 94612
Fax (510)286-0470

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