California Environmental Protection Agency

Mission Statement

The California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) is responsible for coordinating and prioritizing the State's efforts to protect the environment. Cal/EPA's mission is to improve environmental quality in order to protect public health, the welfare of our citizens, and California's natural resources.

The Agency is composed of the following Boards, Offices, and Departments:
Air Resources Board
Department of Pesticide Regulation
Department of Toxic Substances Control
Integrated Waste Management Board
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment
State Water Resources Control Board
Regional Water Quality Control Boards

Major Roles and Responsibilities in Wetlands Management

The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) and the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB) promulgate and enforce water quality standards in order to protect water quality. Also, the RWQCBs adopt and the SWRCB approves Water Quality Control Plans (Basin Plans). Basin Plans identify legally binding beneficial uses of water and water quality objectives which protect those uses and establish a program of implementation.

The State Board and the Regional Boards regulate discharges to surface waters including wetlands under the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) and the California Porter-Cologne Water Quality Control Act (Porter-Cologne). Discharges to land are regulated under Porter-Cologne. The RWQCBs have the lead permitting role and decide which regulatory instrument to use. The RWQCBs may specify wetland restoration, enhancement, or mitigation as a condition of a discharge permit.

Legal Mandate

The Secretary for Environmental Protection is the administrative head of the Agency, and serves as the primary point of accountability, reporting directly to the Governor, for coordination of the State's many environmental protection programs.

For more information regarding wetlands please contact the staff at the State Water Resource Control Board-Division of Water Quality:

Bill Campbell, (916)341-5499,
Oscar Balaguer, (916)341-5485,
Marla Lafer, (916)341-5486,
Tim Stevens, (916)341-5911,
Fax (916)341-5550

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 100
Sacramento, CA 95812

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