San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

Mission Statement

The Bay Conservation and Development Commission is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of San Francisco Bay and to the encouragement of the Bay's responsible use.

Major Roles and Responsibilities in Wetlands Management

The BCDC's primary roles in wetlands management in the Bay are planning the protection, enhancement, and restoration of wetlands; protecting wetlands (through the BCDC's regulatory authority); and balancing the protection of wetlands against other often high priority objectives. All projects proposed in tidal wetlands within the BCDC's jurisdiction require an approved BCDC permit before proceeding. Under state and federal law the BCDC is required to set conditions for these permits in order to minimize impacts on wetlands and to offset those impacts that are unavoidable.

Over the years the BCDC has also been involved in a number of planning efforts involving wetlands, including the Suisun Marsh Preservation Act and Protection Plan, the Diked Historic Baylands Study, the Sea Level Rise study, an evaluation of the BCDC mitigation practices, and an analysis of tideland restoration projects in San Francisco Bay. Also, as the BCDC's experience with marsh restoration has grown, it has collaborated with other organizations to develop marsh restoration and monitoring plans and played a significant role in coordinating the efforts of natural resource agencies. As the chair of the Shell Oil Spill Litigation Settlement Trustee Committee, the BCDC has been involved in a number of wetland acquisition and enhancement projects.

Legal Mandate

The BCDC is the federally-designated state coastal management agency for San Francisco Bay and has jurisdiction in the greater San Francisco Bay area to administer the State's McAteer-Petris Act, the San Francisco Bay Plan, and the Suisun Marsh Preservation Act. In all decisions involving wetlands, the BCDC and its staff evaluate projects in light of the McAteer-Petris Act (the BCDC's primary law), the San Francisco Bay Plan, the Suisun Marsh Preservation Act, the Suisun Marsh Protection Plan, the federal Coastal Zone Management Act, and the California Environmental Quality Act.

For more information on the BCDC contact:

Jeffry Blanchfield, Chief Planner (415)352-3654,
Will Travis, Executive Director, (415)352-3653,
Steve McAdam, Chief of Permits and Enforcement (415)352-3614,
Bob Batha, Staff Biologist, (415)352-3612,

Mailing address:
50 California Street, Suite 2600
San Francisco, CA 94111



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