U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Mission Statement

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) provides design and engineering services, and construction support for a variety of military and civilian projects world wide. One of the Army Corps' primary civil roles is to manage the nation's waterways and wetlands. The Army Corps activities include, but are not limited to, constructing projects approved by Congress for flood control, commercial navigation, or shipping channel maintenance; emergency response to natural disasters; operating and maintaining flood control reservoirs and public reclamation facilities; and regulating activities in wetlands including issuing dredge and fill permits and authorizing the establishment of wetland areas.

Major Roles and Responsibilities in Wetlands Management

The regulatory branch of the Army Corps is responsible for implementing and enforcing 404 of the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) (33 Code of Federal Regulations parts 320 to 330). Army Corps regulations require that any activity which discharges fill material and/or requires excavation in "waters of the United States" (see below), including wetlands, requires a 404 permit. As part of the permit process, mitigation for unavoidable impacts to wetlands are usually required for affected. Mitigation can be in the form of wetland restoration, creation, enhancement, or preservation.

Legal Mandate

The Army Corps' regulatory authority is contained within 404 of the CWA. Army Corps jurisdiction is over "waters of the United States" which is defined at 33 Code of Federal Regulations 328.3 as (1) all navigable waters and their tributaries; (2) all interstate waters and their tributaries; (3) all other waters, the use, degradation, or destruction of which could affect interstate commerce; (4) all water impoundments; (5) territorial seas; and (6) wetland adjacent to waters identified above.

For more information on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Program contact:

Calvin Fong, Chief, Regulatory Branch, (415)977-8461, calvin.c.fong@usace.army.mil
Fax (415)977-8483

Mailing address:
Regulatory Branch
San Francisco District (SPN-CO-R)
333 Market Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105-2197

Regulatory Branch, (213)452-3425
Fax (213)452-4196

Mailing address:
Regulatory Branch
Los Angeles District (SPL-CO-R)
911 Wilshire Boulevard
P.O. Box 532711
Los Angeles, CA 90053

Art Champ, Chief, Regulatory Branch, (916)557-5250, achamp@spk.usace.army.mil
Fax (916)557-6877

Mailing address:
Regulatory Branch
Sacramento District (CESPK-CO-R)
1325 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95814-2922

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