October 27-30, 2002
Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort
Santa Barbara, California







On behalf of our conference sponsors and co-sponsors, we invite you to join us for California and the World Ocean '02! This conference is the continuation of a state-sponsored conference of the same name first held almost 40 years ago, and then again in 1997. Since the 1964 conference, California's population has climbed from 18 million to over 34 million, and today, almost 80% of California's population now lives within 50 miles of the coast.

Much changed in the interim between the first two events, and the 1997 California and the World Ocean conference addressed those challenges by focusing on the landmark document, California's Ocean Resources: An Agenda for the Future. This statewide strategy identified an array of approaches to resource stewardship and economic sustainability. It examined key issues including research, education and technology. And, it looked at legal issues such as jurisdiction and ownership of California's ocean and coastal resources.

Now, five years later, the time has come to revisit that statewide strategy, assess what has been achieved over the past five years, and determine a course for the future. For those who care about the protection and management of California's ocean and coastal resources, this conference is a must. However, CWO '02 equally addresses global ocean and coastal issues as well; California's resource management issues are by no means unique to our state. CWO '02 will provide an opportunity to use California as a case study and a springboard for discussions on the best ways to create, implement, or improve ocean and coastal resource management strategies for coastal states, territories, and commonwealths located throughout the United States and the world. The universal applicability of the subjects discussed at the 1997 conference was certainly one reason why it received such high accolades from attendees from numerous other coastal states and seven nations.

Faced with pressing issues such as global climate change, this is now more than ever a time of transition. The U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and Pew Oceans Commission are both evaluating our national ocean governance policy, and similar efforts are being carried out at the international level. We are confident that California and the World Ocean '02 will help shape the viewpoints for those engaged in these and other important national and international processes. CWO '02 participants will have the opportunity to discuss a broad range of additional timely issues including the use of marine protected areas and reserves, how to maintain and restore water quality, methods to address shoreline erosion, approaches to supporting marine research, strategies for reducing the threat of invasive species, and an examination of the economic contribution and impact of the coast and ocean.

We invite you to join us for this forward-thinking event in the scenic town of Santa Barbara along the Southern California coast. CWO '02 will include plenary sessions, panels, and paper presentations. Poster sessions, workshops, exhibits, field trips and social gatherings will also help foster a fruitful exchange of information and ideas.

Please plan to join us this October. You don't want to miss this important event!

Mary D. Nichols
Conference Co-Chair, CWO '02
Secretary for Resources
State of California
Winston H. Hickox
Conference Co-Chair, CWO '02
Secretary for Environmental Protection
State of California
Orville T. Magoon
Honorary Conference Chair, CWO '02
Coastal Zone Foundation




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