Webinar on the Assessment of Erosion Risk and Sediment Sources webinar on Thursday, May 3 from 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

You will need to register for the webinar, and we recommend you do so in advance. Please click on the following link to register:


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing detailed information about joining the webinar. The email will be from “CALFIRE HQ Organizer.” If you have questions, please contact Elliot Chasin at elliot.chasin@wildlife.ca.gov.

The webinar confirmation email will contain two options for audio during the webinar. This will be up to your personal preference and device capabilities. However, if you choose to join by phone, please follow the instructions. The phone number will be in the email, but you will not receive an “Audio PIN” until after you join the webinar. Past experience has gone like this: Join the webinar, dial the phone number, and then the webinar will give you a short number to dial into your phone pad to join the audio.

The webinar will contain a presentation from Pilot Project Working Group staff and there will be time for discussion.  Written questions also will be taken in the webinar question/text field.

We will be recording the webinars and making the recordings available via our website (http://resources.ca.gov/forestry/).

This will be the last webinar in this series. Thank you for your participation.