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Fish and Game

The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) protects natural resources and provides public safety through effective and responsive law enforcement.

Nearly 370 DFG Law Enforcement Division positions exist, including game wardens, pilots, Lieutenant Specialists, and patrol Lieutenants and Captains. All wardens are sworn state Peace Officers who may enforce any state law, but whose primary responsibility is to enforce fish and wildlife laws of the state, including habitat and pollution laws and regulations. Wardens also provide public safety and homeland security.

The DFG Special Operations Unit works covertly throughout the state in pursuit of individuals illegally commercializing California's fish and wildlife. An annual impact to the state's economy and natural resources is valued well over $100 million.

Office of Spill and Prevention Response (OSPR) wardens are first responders to oil spills and other pollution events statewide. DFG is the primary agency responsible for pollution spill response in inland waters.