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Boating and Waterways

Although the Department of Boating and Waterways (DBW) does not have operational law enforcement authority, the department does work closely with local law enforcement agencies, specifically marine patrol, to protect the public's right to safe and enjoyable boating on the waterways of California. The department administers three programs that provide funding, equipment, and training to augment and enhance their boating law enforcement programs: the Boating Safety and Enforcement Financial Aid Program, the Boating Law Enforcement Training Program, and the Boating Safety and Enforcement Equipment Grant Program.

Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing

Additionally, DBW administers the Yacht and Ship Broker Licensing Program. Yacht brokers and salespersons selling used vessels 16' or longer and less than 300 gross tons are required to be licensed. DBW enforces the Harbors & Navigation Code to regulate the activities of licensees to ensure compliance and provide consumer protection. DBW Biennial Reports