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Proposed Guidelines Amendments & Related Materials

Senate Bill 97 (Chapter 185, 2007) required the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) to develop recommended amendments to the CEQA Guidelines for the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions or the effects of greenhouse gas emissions. OPR was required to prepare, develop, and transmit the recommended amendments to the Natural Resources Agency on or before July 1, 2009.

On April 13, 2009, OPR submitted to the Secretary for Natural Resources its recommended amendments to the State CEQA Guidelines for greenhouse gas emissions, as required by Senate Bill 97. Those recommended amendments were developed to provide guidance to public agencies regarding the analysis and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and the effects of greenhouse gas emissions in draft CEQA documents.

On July 3, 2009, the Natural Resources Agency published its Notice of Proposed Action (CA Regulatory Notice Register 2009, No. 27-z) and proposed to adopt and amend regulations implementing Division 13 of the Public Resources Code, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), for the analysis and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

At the same time, the Natural Resources Agency released an Initial Statement of Reasons explaining the legal authority and policy considerations underlying each amendment.

Public hearings on the Proposed Guidelines Amendments were held on August 18, 2009 in Sacramento and on August 20, 2009 in Los Angeles. The hearings provided an opportunity for the public to make verbal comments on the Proposed Guidelines Amendments.

During the rulemaking's 55 day public comment period, the Natural Resources Agency received 84 comment letters on the Proposed Amendments. To view individual comment letters, please click on the link below. Comment letters are arranged in the order of which they were received.

The Natural Resources Agency considered all the comments and made changes to the Proposed Guidelines Amendments. The Natural Resources Agency invited additional public comment for a 20 day comment period and the Natural Resources Agency received 22 comment letters on the proposed revisions. To view the notice of proposed revisions, text of the proposed revisions, and comment letters received, please click on a link below.

The Natural Resources Agency has considered all the comments received on the proposed revisions and made non-substantial changes to the text and has adopted the text of the CEQA Guidelines Amendments. To view the text of the adopted CEQA Guidelines Amendments and for more information, please visit the SB 97 Rulemaking Web site, http://resources.ca.gov/ceqa/guidelines/

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Calfee or Ian Peterson at (916) 653-5656.