Lead Agency Prepares an
 Initial Study

Why Does a Lead Agency Prepare an Initial Study?

  • To determine whether the project may have a significant effect on the environment. (i.e. whether an EIR or negative declaration should be prepared.)
  • To identify measures that mitigate project impacts to a less than significant level (mitigated negative declaration)
  • To define the scope of the EIR.
  • To justify lead agency's decision to adopt a negative declaration.
  • To determine whether to rely on a previously prepared EIR.

When Does the Lead Agency Prepare an Initial Study?

  • Within 30 days after accepting application as complete if the lead agency determines that the activity is a "project " and is not exempt.

Must a Lead Agency Prepare an Initial Study?

  • If the need for an EIR is unclear, the lead agency must prepare and intial study.
  • If the lead agency can determine an EIR will be required, an initial study is not required.

What are the Requirements of an Initial Study?

  • Only one initial study is required for each project.
  • Lead agency may use environmental assesment document (NEPA) or similar analysis as initial study for CEQA purposes.
  • Lead agency may use the environmental checklist form found in Appendix I.

Contents of an Initial Study:

  • project description
  • environmental setting
  • potential environmental impacts and brief explanations to support findings
  • mitigation measures for any significant effects
  • consistency with plans and policies
  • names of parties responsible for preparation

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