How does a Public Agency determine whether a project is exempt under CEQA?


Is the project statutorily exempt?

  • Statutory exemptions are descriptions of types of projects for which the California Legislature has provided a blanket exemption from CEQA procedures and policies.
  • Statutory exemptions are found in various places in the California Code.
  • A comprehensive source of statutory exemptions is found in Article 18 of the CEQA Guidelines. Most of them are listed and summarized in Section 15282 of the Guidelines.

Is the project categorically exempt?

  • Categorical exemptions are descriptions of types of projects which the Secretary of the Resources Agency has determined do not have a significant effect on the environment.
  • Categorical exemptions are found in Article 19 of the CEQA Guidelines.
  • Unlike statutory exemptions, categorical exemptions are not absolute. There are exceptions to the exemptions depending on the nature or location of the project (Section 15300.2 Guidelines).

Will the project have 'No Possible Significant Effect'?

  • A project is exempt from CEQA if it can be seen with certainty that there is no possibility of a significant effect.
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