Responsible Agency Makes a Decision on the Permit

CEQA Review Must Be Completed Prior to Approval of a Permit for a Project

  • Preparation of EIRs and Negative Declarations must be prepared in coordination with the planning, review, and approval processes of each agency involved.
  • Early Preparation is necessary for the legal validity of the CEQA process and for the usefulness of CEQA documents.
  • Early Preparation also enables agencies to make revisions to projects to reduce or avoid adverse effects at a time when such changes can be completed with minimal difficulty.

To What Extent May a Responsible Agency Disapprove a Permit or Other Entitlement Based on CEQA Grounds?

  • Authority to approve or disapprove a permit for a project is based on the underlying state statutes and enabling regulations going to the issuance of the permit for the project.
  • Disapproval of a permit for a project must be based on environmental impacts to the project areas over which the responsible agency has jurisdiction.
  • This standard is similar to that required of a responsible agency in adopting mitigation measures.

Does a Responsible Agency Have Authority to Approve a Permit Despite Existing Significant Environmental Effects?

  • A responsible agency may approve a project with significant environmental effects based on a fully informed and publically disclosed decision that:
  • There is no feasible way to lessen or avoid the significant effects according to the responsible agency’s findings prepared according to §15091; and
  • The specifically identified benefits of the project outweigh the benefits of reducing or avoiding such environmental impacts as described in the statement of overriding considerations required by §15093.


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