Round One Projects

The CCHE Board Approved Funding for 30 Projects for the Round One Cycle of CCHE Funding.

They are:
Name of Project Approved Funds
Angel Island Immigration Foundation $3,000,000
Golden State Museum Public Benefit Corp $375,000
Bishop Museum & Historical Society $111,595
City of Santa Monica $113,241
City of Inglewood $160,000
Imperial Valley College Desert Museum Society $244,642
City of Watsonville $300,074
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts $303,900
Bay Area Electric Railroad $310,520
Monterey County Redevelopment Agency $380,060
Nihonmachi Little Friends $78,000
Mojave Desert Heritage & Cultural Association $499,500
Table Mountain Rancheria $617,620
Angels Flight Railway Foundation $996,350
City of Brentwood $819,839
Japanese American Museum of San Jose $1,010,766
Knight Foundry Corp. $50,000
BRAVA! $1,338,024
Breed Street Shul $235,000
Madera County Paleontology Museum $1,403,234
Discovery Science Center $262,000
Go For Broke Educational Foundation $1,000,000
San Diego Natural History Museum $2,887,500
Autry Center of the American West $936,000
Oakland Museum of California Foundation $2,887,500
Oakland Redevelopment Agency $2,887,500
Cesar E. Chavez Foundation $2,500,000
San Francisco Museum & Historical Society $2,887,500
Latino Theater Company $4,000,000
Capital Unity Council $2,200,000
TOTAL $34,795,365